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Professionals Dedicated to a Healthy Environment

Professionals Dedicated to a Healthy Environment

Haines Tree and Spray is your one source for Home, Yard, Weed, and Pest Control solutions. Our goal to be a resource for you in managing your home environment.

Every service at Haines is designed to have the least impact on our environment. Our dedication to the environment includes organic programs, using the safest products available, and utilizing integrated pest management techniques.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Haines Tree and Spray Services, Inc is now offering Lawn Mowing and Landscape Maintenance to residential accounts.

We offer varying levels of service, everywhere from our Silver Program to our Platinum All Inclusive Program. Find out more here.

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Monday, 30 June 2008

Recently we have discovered a new pest not native to Whatcom County and Washington State. This new pest, the European Pine Sawfly, was found in three distinct areas within Whatcom County. The first site was in Bellingham, the second in Ferndale, and the third in Lynden. This pest primarily infests pine species, and has predominantly been targeting Mugho Pines as their preferred host. After hatching from a pupae and infesting the sites we have seen them defoliated a 3 foot tall by 3 foot wide Mugho Pine bush in 72 hours.

For more information click here: European Pine Sawfly

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